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Professional Lice Removal

We provide you with professional lice removal services, so you can get rid of the lice and get your children back to school and the playground. Whether in your own home or in our offices, we have the tools and professional experience to do the job right.


‚ÄčAt Licepros, we promise to help you get rid of lice. We promise to teach and help you with prevention of any future outbreaks. Licepros gives you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your child may return to school immediately after one treatment.

All Natural Products

Licepros uses all natural products so you can feel safe about our treatment process. No chemicals are used in our process. Studies show most over the counter products are ineffective and can be dangerous.

About Licepros

We are a family owned clinic with formal training in the Shepherd method of strand-by-strand nit removal. Our philosophy is "...if I can afford to treat my child and you can afford to treat your child, but the parents of the child who sits between them can't, our children are not safe. The cycle of lice cannot be impacted unless treatment is available to all income levels".

NOW OPEN Monday thru Saturday
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Professional lice removal certified in the Shepherd method of strand-by-strand nit removal.