Even Celebrities Need Lice Treatment

Lice. We don’t like to talk about them, think about them, or even consider that it could happen to our children. We feel shameful, dirty, and outcast because of tiny insects in our hair. But nothing could be further from the truth. Lice happens to everyone; even celebrities get lice and need treatment. Watch as Jennifer Garner talks frankly with Jimmy Fallon about meeting George Clooney…while battling lice.

As Jennifer says in the video, there are people who will comb through your hair and help get rid of lice. And it doesn’t require a movie star’s salary to afford! At Licepros, we provide those very lice treatment services at an affordable cost. Not sure you can afford it? We offer convenient in-house financing to allow you to pay out the cost over time. Call us…we’ll get you and your family lice-free, guaranteed.

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