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The Licepros Lice Treatment Guarantee

Our head lice treatment services are 100% effective at eradicating head lice infestations. They are so effective that we guarantee them. However, we cannot guarantee you will not contract a new case of head lice once this case is eradicated. We provide you with the best information to protect your family from re-infestation. This is why the post-treatment plan is so critical. If you are seeing lice or nits at the end of the two week post-treatment plan please call us immediately and we will re-treat at no cost or refund your money (following verification of the presence of lice or nits).

If there are no signs of lice or nits after the two week post-treatment plan your head lice infestation has been successfully eradicated. However, there are unfortunately instances where time passes and nits or lice reappear in the hair. Sadly, these are new cases of lice. Most likely children your child plays with or children in school or daycare still have active cases. This is not common but does happen. Our hope is that our treatment specialists provide you with enough knowledge and tips to prevent this from occurring.

Licepros gives a 30 day guarantee provided that the following requirements were met:

  • All members in the household have been checked by Licepros
  • All positive diagnoses received treatment by Licepros
  • Follow-up visits were completed within 2-7 days of treatment