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Lice Treatment Pricing

Licepros understands the experience of lice removal can be very expensive.  We make an effort to make it affordable for all families.  Each treatment price includes your own comb and the cost of products we use to treat you.  Licepros treatments include two follow up visits and your 30 Day Guarantee.

Affordable Lice Treatment Coupon 2018 SAVINGS SPECIAL:
$55* for boys head lice treatment
$100* for girls head lice treatment
* does not include cost of required Terminator Comb
Headchecks $10 per person

Terminator Comb: $20

Headcheck and Terminator Comb:  $30

Regular Treatment Price:
$150 Ladies and Girls
$75 Men and Boys

Prices Include :
(A Lice Comb (best on market) to take home with you)
(2 free follow Up Visits and a 30 Day Guarantee)
( 60 days of free head checks)

Visa and Mastercard payments accepted